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What is Expository Essay?

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There are many genres in writing essay. It depends on the function of the essay. One of them is Expository Essay; Expository Essay is divided into Analytical Expository and Hortatory Expository.

  1. Analytical Expository has social function to persuade the reader that something is in case. The generic structure of Analytical Expository is Thesis, Arguments, and Re-iteration Thesis; Position: introduces topics and indicates writer’s position.
  2. Preview: outlines the main arguments to be presented
    Arguments: Point: restates main argument outline in preview.
    Elaboration: develops and supports each point/argument.
    Reiteration is to state writer’s position.

  3. Hortatory Expository has social function to persuade the readers that something should or should be not in case.
  4. The Generic structure of Hortatory Expository is Thesis, Arguments, and Recommendation
    Thesis is an announcement of Issue of concern.
    Arguments is reasons for concern, leading to recommendation
    Recommendation is statement of what ought or not ought to happen.

Significant Grammatical features:

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